St. Joseph Freinademetz Communication Center, Inc.

Theses in Progress
  1. Nguyen Dai, Peter (MAT-SPC). The Communication Dimension of the Catechetical Ministry for Children in the Diocese of Nhatrang (Vietnam): A Pastoral Approach.
  2. Sinawil, Wilhelmus (MAT-SPC). Communicative Expressions in Papuan Cultures for Pastoral Ministry.
  3. Seso, Paulinus (MAT-SPC). The Role of Silence in Pastoral Communication.
  4. Huo svd, John (MAT-SPC). Evangelizing Communication in the Acts of the Apostles: An Exploratory Study.
  5. Menori, Edigius (MAT-SPC). Communication Challenges in Pastoral Ministry for Young People in Indonesia: The Case in Nusa Tenggara Timur.
  6. Suryana, I Nyoman (MAT-SPC). Interreligious Dialogue as Evangelizing Communication: The Case of Bali, Indonesia.
  7. Banunaek, Rofinus (MAT-SPC). Developing a Pastoral Communication Approach for the Formation of CMM Brothers in Indonesia.
  8. Xiang Yuning, Peter (MAT-SPC/STL). The Role of Chinese Martial Arts in the Pastoral and Evangelizing Communication of Wan-Zhuo Diocese, China.
  9. Wang svd, William (MAT-SPC). The Role of Pastoral and Evangelizing Communication in the New Evangelization for Yan Zhou Diocese in China.
  10. Garrucho, Raymond Rhys A. (MAT-SPC). Radio Broadcasting in the Pastoral Ministry of the Diocese of Masbate.
  11. Lalan scj, Mathews (MAT-SPC/STL). Social Media and the Clergy of Novaliches Diocese: Competencies, Practices, Insights.
  12. Puno, Vanessa M. (MAT-SPC). Youth and Internet: Towards an Effective Youth Ministry in the Diocese of Antipolo.
  13. Nguyen Thi Hong Yen, Teresa (MAT-SPC). Dialogue as Evangelizing Communication in Vietnam: The Case of the Lovers of Holy Cross.
  14. Dashi Tang, Bernard (MAT-SPC). Pastoral and Evangelizing Communication for Kachin People Affected by Civil War in Myanmar.
  15. Atillo, Sharlene N. (MAT-SPC). Cyberspace and Spirituality: A Study of the Use of Websites for Effective Religious Instruction among Filipino-Chinese Youth.