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Sharing Faith: Insights for Ministry

A Research conference in Pastoral  Communication

The Pastoral Communication Program at the University of Santo Tomas, Manila in cooperation with the “St.Joseph Freinademetz Communication Center”(JFCC) announces for September 21, 2017 a new Research Conference on “Sharing Faith: Insights for Ministry”. After two successful similar conferences the new initiative presents considerations “from Analog to Digital”, as well as communication competencies needed for modern ministry. The communication dimensions of Liturgy will also be considered and “One on One”: Communication without Technology in ministry”. The number of participants will be limited to 50 persons.

The conference is also part of a series of seminars at the “St. Joseph Freinademetz Communication Center, Research and Study, at the Compound of Radio Veritas Asia in Fairview where additional seminars are offered.

New date will be on November 9 same time and place at graduate school.

Five new MA Graduates in UST Pastoral Communication Program

With the end of the schoolyear 2016/2017 five students of the Pastoral Communication Program (SPC) of the University of Santo Tomas (UST) successfully graduated in the Graduate School and Theological Faculty of the University. A Pauline sister studied the life and Work of the ‘Daughters of St. Paul’ under pastoral Communication perspective. One student investigated in a missiological/historical study the mission methods of the Spanish Missionaries in the Philippines under intercultural perspective; a priest from Indonesia applied ‘Batac’ culture to the pastoral ministry in his home diocese of Medang. Another studied the Church demands  and needs for a missing  pastoral ministry for Communication professionals in the Philippines. A Vietnamese student from the Theological Faculty applied the communication of ‘Basic Christian communities’ to his home diocese and for the Church in Vietnam for which he gets beside the civil MA also the Roman ‘Licenciate’ (STL) which entitles him to also teach in Seminaries.

Some 12 students have at the moment finished their course work and are in the process of writing their thesis for MA/STL degrees at UST. All in all there are  now  46 Students from 8 different Asian countries who have successfully finished thei studies in the last 10 years of the program.

Sharing Faith in a Modern Age: New Ways of Communicating

“Sharing Faith in modern Age”: A Research Conference at UST

“Sharing Faith in a modern Age” is the title of a Research Conference at the University of Santo Tomas (UST) in Manila on March 9, 2017 in the afternoon (2-5 pm). The presentation follows a similar Research Symposium of the UST Graduate School and Theological Faculty from October last year “The Gospel in digital Society: Asian Experiences and Realities” with some 100 participants.  The new conference will continue those considerations in more detail: How can we share our Faith – beyond traditional teaching in a modern communication environment? Thus this conference will be introduced by considerations on the “Internet: From Addiction to a creative approach” followed by Paolo Freire’s conviction in the creative abilities (”Conscientization”) of every person – also in developing Faith. This will be followed by applying also  for modern ministry Pope Gregory the Great’s spirituality for apostolate (“Pastoral Rule”) to be concluded with considerations on “Faith as basis for personality  development”.

The conference is organized and presented by the UST academic MA/STL program on “Pastoral Communication” which is unique for the whole of Asia and beyond. Participation is free but the number of participants will be limited to 50 only in Room 404 of the UST Graduate School. Registration is online under the following link:

March 9, 2017
Room 404, Thomas Aquinas Research Center
Univeristy of Santo Tomas Graduate School
España, Manila

Clink the link to register
JFCC Program for the Second Half of 2017

The new JFCC program for the second half of 2017 is now available in the "Events" section below. The center continues with its specialized - mainly weekend - seminars on different dimensions of "Pastoral Communication" .. In addition there will be also special study days and conferences on pastoral communication in different Asian countries as well as on urgent communication concerns like new ways of communicating in Ministry.

See under 'Events'!

Communicators reflect on the “Gospel in Digital Society”

The Gospel in Digital Society PosterVince Henry M. Salles

Students and Faculty of the joint Master of Arts and Licentiate in Theology major in Social/Pastoral Communication Program of  the UST Graduate School and the Faculty of Sacred Theology organized on October 27, 2016 at the Martyrs’ Hallv of the UST Ecclesiastical Faculties a research symposium on “The Gospel in Digital Society: Asian Realities and Challenges.” It was attended by some hundred participants – priests, members from different religious congregations, and lay professionals – who were interested in the field of digital technology and its potential for pastoral and evangelizing communication.

The symposium started with an introductory presentation by Fr. Anthony Le Duc,svd, PhD from Assumption and St. John's Universities in Thailand. His presentation was on Cyber-theology – Theologizing in the Digital Age. He believes that with the emergence of the digital age, also theological reflections are needed and should be done.

Research Symposium: The Gospel in digital Society: Asian Experiences and Challenges

The Symposium on “The Gospel in digital Society: Asian Experiences and Challenges” originally proposed by the “St. Joseph Freinademetz Communication Center” (JFCC) will now take place at the  Graduate School of the University of Santo Tomas (UST) on October 27, 2pm to 5 pm.

The introductory presentation of the conference will be given by Anthony Le Duc, svd, PhD of St. John’s and Assumption universities in Bangkok, Thailand on: “Is there a Cyber Theology and what does it mean?

Other themes which will be presented by staff and students from the joint MA/lic.theol  “Social/Pastoral Communication” Program at the UST Graduate School and Theological Faculty .  
These themes are:

  • Sharing Faith in a digital World: Catechesis and religious ‘instruction’
  • The marketplace of “Apps” and the church
  • Between digital and spiritual reality: is God online or offline?
  • Social Communication in Pastoral Ministry: From Hierarchy to Networks
  • Church documents on ‘New Media” and their ‘messages’
  • Radio streaming, a new way of communicating for the Church in Asia

The conference will take place in the Graduate School of the University of Santo Tomas (TARC building) .  Registration will start beginning of October. Participation is free but early registration is recommended !

More info, click here.

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